Cold light - Exhibition Proposal

Cold light is an exhibition about the distribution of information, technology, and how the two can combine to shape cultural nuances.

It stitches together different phases of human history; each of which has its own distinct systems for disseminating information that set the foundation for their culture. This information could be anything from practical knowledge to important news or life values.

The exhibition is named after the phrase everyday people in the 1950’s coined to describe electricity when it was first introduced. But for every electricity there’s hundreds of forgotten innovations - hailed with a potential to be influential that they never fulfilled. The exhibition also illuminates these ghost trajectories, what are the cultural pathways which were shutdown as a result of these ideas failing to catch on?

Fables ︎︎︎

Tapestries ︎︎︎

The town caller ︎︎︎

Scelectric typing ︎︎︎

Fleet street architecture ︎︎︎

Cable huts ︎︎︎

Information heriachys, Depth, Scrolling & Agostino Ramelli ︎︎︎

Claque ︎︎︎

Serializing ︎︎︎