Fables are simple stories embedded with a life principle or teaching.

Often heavily draw on the use of symbolism; using the properties of existing and known things creates a frictionless communication and dissemination for this teaching. there’s little deciphering to be done, it’s instant in this way.

A these stories travelled through communities and settled groups, so did their lessons and values. hidden inside entertainment.

This is interesting when considered alongsie the purpose of survial. Often these fables were cuationary tales, of dangerous places or habits, passed from generation to generation or community to community.

You dont want to confuse meaning in this situation. The symbols have little friction.

Historically fables serve the humble purpose of imbuing meaning whilst engaging people, passing experience and lessons over generations by wrapping them in a story. Often cautionary tales, they are an evolutionary device, a part of survival, of growing the ability of the human race to navigate the world. Simplistic communication, a frictionless way of passing meaning, is a neccessty in this sense, and fables are the most effective solution, an elemental mode which worked it’s way out over generations.

Fables are also used as a kind of middle ground, a conductor, or shortcut for information. If diagrams are shortcuts for complex matters then they are diagrams.

Enabled widespread learning and distribution of complex information.