Felix Bayley-Higgins is a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, currently based in London. Instead of being categorised by a discipline, his work is best defined by a specific sensibility; one which he uses to approach a range of different projects. Staging ideas across various different channels, recent outcomes from his projects include:


Reconfiguring the lexicon of sheet music and classical notation

Strobe flashing the Royal Academy of Art’s ‘Cast of the Farnese Hercules’  (c.1790)

Installing an industrial conveyor belt in a gallery

Curating the work of an 82 year old retired detective


Specialising in the relationship between sound and image, he’s part of Slow Dance, described by Dazed and Confused Magazine as
the collective at the cutting edge of London’s live music scene”.

He’s also one half of A/V duo Glows, represented by:


I'm always looking to meet new people to work with.
Don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or book an online studio visit to discuss an idea or project.

IG: @fbayleyh



MA - Experimental Communication
Royal College of Art

BA (Hons) - Graphic Design
University of Brighton

Foundation Diploma
Kingston University

CV & long form bio available upon request


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