Wood block carvings 

Tapestries are a medium which I recently became fascinated in having been previously uninterested by them. Often incredibly detailed, it’s maximalism as a form of visual communication means every inch of a frame is filled by imagery. Any random cross section taken from this kind of composition contains a flood of lexicon suggesting narrative and metaphoric meaning. It’s the way with which imagery is imbued with meaning in tapestries, the interplay between maker, object and audience they operate which fascinates me. In their heavy use of symbolism, there is very little friction through the process of thinking something and articulating it.

there is a naivity to the procees which is followed when a tapestry is made. To set yourself the restriction of just emptying all your thoughts into one image is refreshing as a process there is no room left to overthink what the best way to output a thought is, everything is just bundled in together. I appreciate them as transparent records of a process of thinking, of synthesising thoughts. Metaphors and simplistic symbolism are embraced, things are inserted into the composition at face value. It is as direct as it gets. A kind of un-thinking in a way.

You only had one square wooden block to work with. The visual language, composition framing etc is led by the distribution means. You only have one image at tyour disposal, its a product of the limitations to distribution and production. You have to cram all the meaning, details, fragments and story into one image. 

Decorative permanence - integrated into everyday consciousness - reminders

- Interview with a woodworker
- Cast of a woodwork