‘LA,1620 Catalogue’,
Print publication

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‘LA,1620: Catalogue’ is a print publication detailing the visual archive which twins a mixtape of the same name. Through its own medium, the book embodies the processes of the consolidatory process of mixing down  audio files.

Mirroring the way a stack of audio files are consolidated into one frozen track, the book’s spreads are made up of different visual surface layers, all flattened into one. Occasionally detritus from the design process which would normally be edited out is left in the final spreads - echoing out its previous iterations or takes.

Test! The architectural equivalent of a pirate DVD Rip

A plane takes off inside a medieval castle

Embodying the process of audio mastering through the medium of book design

A Sonic daisychain, created by drawing interlinking rings of sound with spatial audio

Reconfiguring the lexicon of sheet music and classical notation

Curating an exhibition centred around the iPhone camera roll of a retired detective

A soundscape mixed by the footfall of the crowd which passes through a space

Mixing and cataloguing the Royal Academy of Arts archives with live documentation of a rave going on inside it