Causeways Gallery


Causeways is an online gallery; an experiment which collides 3 disciplines and examinines how the different languages they offer can begin to animate eachother.

Architectural modelmaking, the syntax of video & navigation design

The gallery is a miniature, each exhibition takes place in an architectural model, custom designed around the work being shown. Working with miniatures allows ambitious builds which can serve concepts without the limitations of real world production. The gallery architecture can be re-shuffled around the ideas imbued in the work being shown - Causeways takes great artistic liscence with it’s curation in this way. This can be as simple as a space designed to match the viewing tempo or as expressive

“Actually it would be really interesting to fit this work to the layout of a jewlery store, what does the mantrap door mechanism offer to the curation of this?”



As well as contemporary artists, the curatorial ethos of the gallery is about accomodating other overlooked or residual forms of culture. An exhibition at Caauseways could be an artists monograph, a design anthology of industrial cookery tools or a reddit thread.

The gallery operates on a schedule of seasons, each comprised of 6 shows. There is only one model for each season, meaning every new show must reshuffle the existing miniature each time. Adapting the minitaure model to fit the needs of the new show is part of the work. The structures designed specially to bridge from one show design to the next are catalogued. The gallery becomes a palimpsest in this way, accumulating traces from each show.