The experience shaped around encountering the bootleg was devised to trigger a further chain reaction of ideas — on magic, media technology and the role of cinema in culture.

The nature of the installation is such that details relating to both the structure and space have been unchained, allowed to move freely and organise around these concepts.

  • Made of grit felt, the bootleg resembles the flecked carpet which tiles the room. In the dark, the boundries between the two blur

  • The pattern made by construction rivets seen in the original has been accentuated, strengthening its visual association with constellations and the night sky.

  • The original swivel mechanism has been co-opted, now offering a split funtionality akin to that of a radio dial and a lighthouse

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The only way to view the makeup of the room itself is by rotating the structure. Using the light emitted from its small window, visitors can scan and illuminate the room’s details by spotlight:

  • Ink black speakers line the surrounding walls

  • The curtain framing the projection screen has slipped, or been disrupted in one corner

  • A wall panel with its cover removed reveals the handwriting of the contractor who fitted it

‘Bootlegging Black Maria’